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I’m so green!

So first off, what is green? Well, green is when you are new at something, not experienced. A new actor right out the gate would be called green. Well guys, I’m so freaking green at this blog thing it’s not even funny. Please work with me! I am a fast learner but man there’s a lot to learn!

Every day I try and do something for my craft. Today was all about this blog and setting everything up. that took hours! No biggie. 😒 today was a good day!

It’s 11:15pm and I have a long drive to Houston then Austin tomorrow for auditions but I promised I would write every night so here I am! I just got home from recording my Friday interview, for the blog, that I invited My friend To be a part of. SHE ROCKS! I hope you guys love it!

I am so excited for what is to come! Thanks guys for coming along for the ride!

- Alisha

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