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Always chase your.....Roadmap?

Well hello everyone! It has definitely been a minute huh!! Man, I have been busy like crazy but I am NOT COMPLAINING! I have no idea how people find time to write a blog daily, I tried it, I suck! So here I am doing the best I can, I know I wont be judged here, so there it is!

Last time I checked in with you guys I was saying that I was trying to regroup. Well come to think of it, I needed to regroup EVERYWHERE. My whole life was turning upside down and I just had to gain control again! I noticed that my relationships with my spouse, friends, self, and kids were all taking a hit so I needed to take a step back from a lot. And I did.

Coming back to the title of this blog, here it is. I asked myself, what are my goals? What are my goals with acting? What are my goals in life? What are my relationship goals? What do I want for my children? What kind of wife do I want to be? What kind of WOMAN do I want to be? Man, it was a big slap in my face and I needed help. I realized that I have been halfway filling every jar and leaving absolutely nothing for myself. All in all I was drained. So how do you fix it? Well, thats a work in progress.

I always say that your dream is the main goal but you need to follow a roadmap to get there. I wonder if that is the same in day to day life, well I think it is. First thing I did was write down each question and answered it as clearly and fully as I could

. I made that answer my main goal and now to start the roadmap. Long story short I decided to take in some therapy and man has that made a difference. I finally feel like everything is coming together and I'm even starting to see more success in the acting world too. I feel like I needed my personal self to regroup so that I can in turn be the best version of myself. You should try it!

Every dream has a roadmap that you can follow. You simply have to make your own path that works for you. I have been on this acting journey for a little over a year and I have grown so much. I reach my short term goals only to go on to the next with keeping my main goal in the forefront. Everything that I do and every decision that I make is to get me closer to that main goal. Its all a work in progress and it is all attainable with the right drive and dedication. (I wish I could say the same about my weightloss) Thats a story for another day! Weightloss journey will commence on Monday haha!

Here are some rules that I force myself to live by: (There will be more later i'm sure)

- Stay away from drama

Yes drama is all round us. We need to stay away from negative energy even when it is hard for us to do so. I have cut myself from several relationships in my life because they are not healthy. In some cases forgiveness is key and in some positivity is being sucked from you and you know its time to go. Sometimes even someone who you tried to be friends with many times turns cruel and you just have to let it go. Drop it. You will know the difference.

- Always say I love you

In relationships where it is appropriate you need to always find the time. Words are just words to some people but to others they are everything. Words matter. I love you goes a long way.

- Make time for the people important to you

There is a difference between finding time and making time. MAKE TIME.

- Always work on your craft

Its so easy to become stagnant in this career particularly. Stay focused. Stay hungry. Continue taking classes, reading books, youtubing tips, and talking to like minded people. This will put you ahead of the curve.

Finally, dont forget that you dream doesn't have to be a mile away. Have you ever seen that meme that shows 2 men each digging through a mine. One man stops and the other keeps chipping. The one that keeps chipping only did it for a moment longer and found the diamonds. You never knew how close you are to your goal. Keep chipping away and remember, if it was easy, everyone would do it.

Good luck everyone!



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