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and so it begins...

So its finally happening, I'm starting a blog! I have been hesitant to start this and to be completely honest, I really dont know why. I am a big advocate of the "work outside of your comfort zone" mantra, yet here I am not writing a blog. So here we go!

Thank you for sharing in this journey with me. This hasn't been easy thus far and I'm sure it will continue to have its ups and downs. The main reason for this blog was to keep in touch with friends and family who care about what I'm doing to "make it" {insert eye roll}, now I think I am more interested in helping other actors who are like me or who are new and have tons of questions. Never will I say that I have all of the answers but i do believe that if we work together, we can tackle almost anything. With that being said, please send me emails if you have any questions and if there is something you want me to talk about. I'm very excited to share the day to day grind with you and I cant wait to see where this goes! I have some good stuff in store so here we go! P.S. - it is not all glamorous, there are a lot of days that we actors must work on the same things, so get ready for that too!

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