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California Dreamin

Waking up in California today was beautiful. Sweet California air to breathe in, the sound of waves crashing outside my window, and the set mood of cool vibes everywhere I go. I absolutely love it! Coming here as an actor is incredible but then reality sets in. You need to be able to LIVE out here. The prices of homes skyrocketing left and right. How can you enjoy life if you are barely scraping by? How can I make a name for myself if I am not here all of the time but also how can I afford to move my family here? Tough! Hard choices you need to figure out.

Am I going to move out here right away? No. Might I move out here in the future? Perhaps. I need to make a plan, that’s what I do and I need to stick with it. It’s not about me anymore, my children are and will always be number 1.

My first step when I visit California is to have a plan. I ONLY come here when I have something set up. Both times I have come here I have had photoshoots lined up and look to take workshops with casting directors in Los Angeles if possible. I try and build my base here by networking and staying active with people in California. That may not be the “right” way, but that’s my way since that’s all I can work with. I can’t just uproot my family although I know some people can. Unfortunately my journey in California is slow but the dedication and focus and making me pray that it will pay off.

So today here I am, getting a fake tan and taking some photos because I love all aspects of this industry and I want to be able to do more than one thing. So long as it does not conflict with my morals, I will say yes! So let’s do this!!

Hopefully there are some badass photos coming soon!!

Thanks for all of the support guys! Back I go to this California dream!! ❤️


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