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Its only Tuesday?

Tuesday is here and boy has it been a hard week already! This summer break is no joke! These kids are driving me BONKERS!

Yesterday I got to do a voice over project that came to me through social media. It's such a shocker to me how big of a deal social media is to stay connected and to met new people. Because I had posted about another opportunity I was working on, this person whom I had never met asked me to work on a voice over project with him. of course I say nothing falls on your lap and I mean it. This is as close as it gets. The production company that selected me went to my website and listened to my demo reel. This is when having your "ducks in a row" is very important. You need to be present on social media and when you are, you need to have your work ready to be showcased. People will look for your information for 10 seconds, after that they will move on so be sure it is all there and ready to go.

Working on the project was great! It was a pretty simple read that will be for a local real estate agency. Voice overs rock!

Today I'm focusing on getting ready to hit the road for a modeling opportunity. Starting Wednesday evening I will be in California working on a modeling gig with Tac Brown. Its been a secret project that we have been working on and finally will be able to shoot! I love working with talented people!!

This blog post is short and sweet because I got to get to packing!! Keep up the great work and stay focused!!!

- Alisha

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