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Recharged and Ready to Rumble

Hey guys! It's been a while! A week to be exact. I was in beautiful Playa Del Carmen, MX and was near water 24/7 hence no time to write. The break was great but also had me thinking about a lot of things. I want to be sure to give as much as I can to this blog but to also continue to balance my life. I didn't realize how much work having a blog is! It's crazy!! I love it but it does take a lot of time, on top of everything else. I haven't decided just what I am going to do yet but it is in the works. I want to continue working with Stephanie on our Friday videos and restructure how everything comes together. I'm hoping to have answers by the end of the week.

The five days were a great time. You don't realize how much you need a vacation until you have one. geez! Having a stressful day to day and kids on top of it with extracurriculars is A LOT! Five days of sun, drinking, eating and not much else was just what the doctor ordered. Funny enough on my trip I learned that I have been missing out on a new workout I love, PILATES! Oh my gosh!!! How have I never tried this! I was in love!! I want to buy a machine so bad! I did pilates workouts every morning at 8am like a crazy woman! I couldn't get enough! I still managed to gain 6 pounds though..shhhh! (I haven't said that out loud yet, yikes)

Sooooo, I need to get back on this eating right plan/ workout plan asap! I have a couple of photoshoots that are getting set up and by December I need to be comfortable with myself, to say the least! lol! In this industry you need to take care of your vessel and your body is definitely a part of that, fail. Get in my garage Pilates Reformer!!! *Wishing*

And here we are, back to reality. Back to the day to day grind. Mexico I love you and we will go back for sure! Friends trip 2019 is being worked on now and it's so on! Thank you guys for being supportive and not being rude because I took a break! Your emails are very nice saying I'm a mommy and not to feel bad about taking a break! So thank you! Have a great week Ya'll!!!

- Alisha

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