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Take some time to grieve...

Hello! I started writing my post today and didn’t know what to say. You could say I had writers block. I had a crappy workout, like real bad. I ate fried food today, more bad. I was feeling really down and I blamed it on laziness. If you know me you know I’m anything but. I couldn’t pinpoint what’s going on. I saw a friend post something about grieving and i hurt for her. I heard about Kate Spade and my heart dropped to the floor. You could say it was intuition, you could say empathy, i don’t know what it is but I know that this is terrible. Death is sad but suicide is terrible. I am so sorry for every family that has to deal with this. I wanted to write a stupid post about working out and about acting but all of that seems so surface level and I just couldn’t do it. I’m hurting, not for one person but for all of the families and I’m grieving today for the people that I have recently lost in my life. It’s not easy, I don’t think time makes it better. I don’t know what else to say besides please get help. If you need to talk to someone because you are suicidal or because you need help with your grief please do it. Also know that there are so many people that love you and care for you. I’m sorry I can’t write a Blog about the norm. I had to get this out. Thank you everyone. I hope your day is filled with love and laughter.


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