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Weekend Catchup

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope your weekend went well! My weekend was great! I was FINALLY able to go back to my acting class that I have been missing for so long. I've been ok with my absence because well, I have been working! I've been blessed with work so as long as I'm doing something in this industry AND getting paid, I'm good with it.

Speaking of working, in the picture above I was in Santa Barbara, CA mountainside! Santa Barbara is BEAUTIFUL!! Do you see those mountains!!! OMG!!! The view was absolutely amazing! This is one of my favorite shots of the shoot in Cali. Tac Brown and Claire KILLED IT! I hope you like it as much as I do!

Right now I am getting ready to drive to Houston for a 2-day photoshoot! I'm super excited for this opportunity and not excited for this rain. yeah that's going to be fun. Not sure if you guys can sense the sarcasm. Life has been getting busier by the second but I love it!

Man, I will say that class sure did feel good! I have missed that place. I miss seeing everyone perform, I miss performing, I miss that feeling of learning a new script on the spot and working it out. SO MUCH FUN! If you are not a part of a class I HIGHLY recommend doing it. It is even better if you have a good relationship with your coach and are able to work on things that you might think you need help on. This week I chose to work on learning a scene in 10 minutes then performing it. I LOVED IT! I love to play bitch haha! I yelled.......a lot!

Personally I have challenged myself to be in a more positive place in life. I am sticking to the list I previously wrote about last week. I am hoping to stick with my meditation and am continuously trying to weed out the negative in my life. Negative thoughts, negative people, negative TV, negative music, all of it. Try it, its hard as hell but totally worth it! I'll keep you guys updated on how I am doing. Let me know if you guys are trying it out too!! I even got my husband to meditate a couple times. I cannot say this enough times but that app, HEADSPACE, is amazing! No i'm not getting paid to say that but I sure wish I was. What's up headspace! lol!

Today is going to be a short but sweet post because like I said I need to get on the road. I hope everyone has a great day and I will talk to you guys tomorrow!!!

- Alisha

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