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Weight loss journey...

this week has been crazy. I know we all have crazy weeks and don’t have much time but’s tough. Even through it all I have to find time to work out and stay healthy!

I have been on a fitness journey for the past year and have lost 45 pounds. Yes 45 pounds and if you want to get all celebrity about it, I’ll count my baby weight after I got out of labor and it’s a total of 68 pounds! Holy cow! (no pun intended 😂)

When I started acting again there were some hard truths that I needed to accept. #1: Your look. Unfortunately that is one of the most important things in this industry! As much as friends and family want to make you feel better about yourself, this isn’t the time nor place to get sidetracked or have blinders on. Take a good look at yourself. there was no way that I would book lead roles looking the way that I did so I need a change. Plus I wanted to be healthy for myself and family. I chose to ask a friend for help. In came Mike O’Hara. Life changer.

Mike completely understood what I needed to make this change and was with me every step of the way, online that is. Mike has an amazing gym in Austin and is the top of his field. Best damn personal trainer out there!! Bear creek performance training is killin it! So I thank him for everything but also thank my past self for having the commitment that it took to get this far. I’m pretty close to where I want to be but I still have a way to go And it still takes commitment. No excuses.

For anyone out there feeling the daily struggle and not having enough time, you can do It. I worked out this morning at 7 because that’s the only time I had. Figure it out and get it done. You can do it!! Focus and make it happen!


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