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Boston Fun day One!

   Vacation has been so great! I’m loving hanging out with friends and family plus taking a breather from the day to day is nice too. Today was fun! First stop was the New England Zoo then lunch. I have to admit, I LOVE seeing animals at the zoo but I can’t help feeling bad for them then feeling like an asshole for buying a ticket. Am I just some person paying to go behind a curtain to see the “freak show”. Yes my mind goes there, I’m a mom, my mind always goes to the worst possible thing. Oh you’re a mom and you don’t do that....hmm I must be a weirdo then. But seriously I hope these animals are treated well and I hate that I bought that ticket. My kids had a lot of fun though, like a lot. The most fun was on that badass playground so maybe that’s all they needed was just some fun in the sun. Note taken. Ugh I hope people don’t hate me for saying that about the zoo but hey, that’s how I feel and this is my blog danget. 😳 haha!

     After the zoo we spent some time at a restaurant called Zaz. AMAZING FOOD!!! Holy cow that food was SOOOO good! I added a couple photos of my and my hubbys food. Yum! Definitely go by there if you are in the Hyde Park area! Even if you aren’t who cares it’s good! Zaz 1238 River St. Boston. (Nice plug - no I didn’t get paid for it haha) 

     Right now I’m inside writing this while the fam is outside playing so I must go but please hug your family right and enjoy every moment! Tonight I will be focusing on learning more lines and playing uno 😂. Have a great evening guys!!

- Alisha

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