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Chase your Dreams!

     This industry is tough, no doubt about it. What better than to work hard for a craft that you love so dearly. So many of us regret that we never chased our dreams and I was tired of putting everything on hold because I was embarrassed. In all honesty what was I embarrassed of? I think I was afraid of myself. I was afraid of what I could do and was afraid to work outside of my comfort zone. I was scared people wouldn’t like me or that they would make fun of me. Who cares! Why did I care?!?

     This industry is hard. That just means you have to work harder, smarter, and always stay humble. Staying humble is something that a lot of people forget to do and it’s bad, real bad. You can see self absorbed people from a mile away and guess what....nobody wants to work with you. Successful or not, if you act a certain way you are repellant and WILL push business away. Don’t be that person.    

 Last night I got to do a voice over for a manufacturing company. It was my first time working with Rogy Productions in San Antonio, TX and it was great! After the job i could have shaken hands and left but instead I stayed and got to know Rogy better. Who knew he was such a great guy! Of course we exchanged info and hopefully we will work again together. That’s how you do it. Just talk to people. Obviously be good at reading body language if someone wants you to stay or not! Some people are straight rude. Just be kind and leave them your info. That’s all you can do. In this case we both were eager to get to know each other and made some great networking connections! Such a great experience!   

   I learn so many different things from being on different sets. Acting, voice over, modeling, all of these sets are special and require different parts of yourself but in the end one thing remains the same. Networking and kindness. Stay humble and try to yourself. It’s also ok to say no, better if you have a reason behind it, but it is ok. This is something I will talk about in a future actors tip vlog.       

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