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How can my kid become an actor?

As summer rolls in and the last day of school approaches you might be thinking, “what should I do for my child”. A lot of people tend to think their kid is the cutest and would be an amazing actor/model but here is the truth; do THEY want it or do YOU want it. Never push this career on your child just because they will be great; in all honestly they won’t. Your child will only be great if they put in the work and really want it. 

     With that being said, how do you get your child into the industry. Every plan is different in every place that you live so I can only speak generally and in Texas. First step is to take a class. There are plenty! I would recommend Steve Pena with TADA in San Antonio or an improv class to get them out of their shell, this also depends on age too. In class you can see how they do. Do they really love it? Are they growing? Do they take direction well? Are they learning their lines? If the answer is yes then talk to an agent. I would recommend interviewing several agencies since this is for your child’s well being. Ask around about agencies before you sign with one. 

     Agencies are important because they are in place to protect the interest of the talent, your child. They will look over contracts and be sure you are not taken advantage of. The best thing about an agent is that they hear of local casting calls before you do and sometimes they are the only ones that hear about them at all. This will help your child book work and build that resume. Understand that getting your child in the industry might mean that you will have to change your life. Depending on how serious you/they take the job you will have to travel a lot and may end up having to move if they become successful. The industry looks for kids and love kids that can actually act. So get ready. 

     Lastly, like every other actor, don’t get lost in the limelight. Don’t think that you are going to be a star in a week. Don’t do this to be famous, do it because you love the work. If your goal is to be in a blockbuster by the end of the year then good luck. You might be very disappointed. It is very rare that you will do that by the end of the year but of course there is always that possibility. Don’t focus on the results of your career but more on what you are doing to get there. Some people will only stay in one lane and do what benefits them to get to the main prize but that is all wrong. This job is all about learning, networking, working, growing and being open to opportunities! Again, you never know who is watching!

     I hope that helps! Any questions please let me know!! 

- Alisha

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