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Rejection isn’t everything...

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

Happy Monday guys! This weekend was pretty great for me and my family, I hope yours was amazing too! ❤️

Friday after I wrote my blog I got bad news that I had been released from my hold on the commercial I had auditioned for. It happens. It’s all on how you look at it. Very often we do not book auditions that we hope for. Accept it and move on. In this industry you need tough skin. I don’t want to say that i didn’t care about being released instead I let it roll off my back. So let’s talk about what happened.

I had an audition. I moved on to the next one and forgot about it. I received a call a day later saying that I had a callback, meaning that they want to see me again after narrowing down the talent. I did the callback and moved on. The next day I was told that I was being held for the spot. That can mean SOOOO many things. Holding you because you booked it, checking your Schedule, making sure they want the same commercial, narrowing down 2 people to play the role, getting everyone else’s schedule in check, you name it. Well they took back my hold. AT LEAST I WAS HELD TO BEGIN WITH! THAT means I’m doing something right! So that’s my positive of the day! Later I received another phone call that I am needed for a voiceover! Dunzo! Woohoo!

I absolutely love everything about this industry, voice over included! I just finished my voice over a few moments ago and it was too much fun! I love the work I do and I am sorry that I waited so long to do it! 33 years old, a mommy and a wife, but here I go shooting for the stars! Wish me luck and don’t be afraid to come with me! Until tomorrow readers/viewers! As always THANK YOU for your support!!


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