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On a Tuesday...

Looks like all fun and games huh, think again! Ok, it WAS fun but after a ton Of drama. last night I found out I had an audition at 1:15pm in Austin, no biggie. Until you get a flat tire first thing in the morning!!! Seriously!!! The life of an actor...

there is a lot of traveling to do when your main source is constant auditions, you tend to pretty much live in your car. If your car has a flat that doesn’t really work out. I was annoyed, I felt defeated. It was just a tire but was it? Was it a sign that the audition should be a no go? No Way! While sitting at discount tire I got a call from my Agency. I GOT A CALLBACK!! Tomorrow in Dallas, yikes. 😳

Childcare....crap. Nobody could watch my kids! Who could help them after school when I have to drive 3.5 hours. What do I do! THIS is when life as a mommy actor is tough. THANK GOODNESS someone came through and could help! I’ll say it again, it takes a village. Boy am I blessed for my little village. Whew! all Of this before 10am....seriously. 😡

Now for the fun part....who would have known that my buddy Patrick was going to be going to the same audition as I was!! Yes!! You better believed I asked if we should car pool and you guessed it, INTERVIEW!! So look for that in a couple weeks! Fun times! This audition was hilarious and we really did have a good time. All in all a crazy day but totally worth the memories and the love for acting. Good stuff!

I hope you guys have a great day and wish me luck on My callback tomorrow! I’ll hopefukly have a video ready for you guys on the way! Goodnight!!

- Alisha

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