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Weekend wrapup!


Happy Monday ladies and gents! What a crazy week it was!! I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day and a wonderful weekend! Here’s what I did!

     Saturday we flew back from Boston and were traveling from 5:30am - 3:30pm. EXHAUSTING. Especially because when we fly, we have kids!! My goodness! Flying with kids is no joke. I will say this, my children fly often so they know how to behave in an airplane BUT it is still exhausting and mentally draining. I’m that mom, the one that fears taking my eye off of my kids for one second. I won’t do it, my husband is the same way. Call me crazy but if you do, you probably aren’t a parent in this day and age because every parent I have spoken to feels the exact same way. So yeah, there’s that. 

     Sunday was going to be a beautiful Father’s Day for my hubby plus I was planning to surprise my dad and watch the Mexico game with my him. Here’s the deal:

a. I am Mexican-American 

b. My father is CRAZY about Mexican fútbol (as is one of my kids)


c. I really do want Mexico to win the World Cup! 

     Well, plans didn’t go my way because my youngest got sick and had a high enough fever. COME ON! Haha! So instead of hubby enjoying a day of relaxation, momma got to lay in bed with a sick kid and watched sports ALL DAY LONG. Seems like I celebrated Fathers Day more than he did. Ok he had it pretty easy too but still. Life of a parent. Mommy/daddy duty is always turned ON. 

     Either way.....MEXICO WON!!! Woohoo!!! Then later that evening TEXAS TECH WON!! I graduated from Texas Tech so they are my heart and soul! Those guys killed it! Both teams, Mexico and Tech, beat the champs! Good times!! 

     Today has been amazing. Laundry! That was sarcasm, not sure if you caught it. 🤔 Today my acting has taken a backseat and I am all mommy. Taking care of the kiddos and making sure we get back to normal after this trip. It has been so great bonding with the family. I will never take it for granted and I will always be grateful for every second with them. My weight gain during this trip is something that I am definitely NOT grateful for. More on that tomorrow! With that being said I am off to do a quick workout before these kids start following me around everywhere. Have a great day guys!!


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