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- Until Next Time La -

Happy Monday everyone! I hope your day is going well! Today has been a day full of traveling and I'm pooped!! Texas to California now back to Texas with 4 days of work in the middle. I LOVE IT!!! But I'm tired! haha!

It's always very inspiring going back to California. Every time I pass through Hollywood my heart hurts. It's this crazy feeling that not everyone can understand but I'm sure some do. I drive through yearning to have work here. My heart aches in hopes of one day being here. Its uplifting, disheartening, exciting, sad and wonderful all at the same time. I have chosen to stay living in Texas for ever maybe? Maybe not? Who knows what the future will bring. For now I am a Texan and I will stay a Texan but the dream is to be back and forth. Its not going to be easy but I am driven and I will make it happen. That just means I have to work harder than anyone else. This is my journey.

This week was so amazing, I always talk about networking because it really is such a big deal. Tac Brown is a photographer in California who has made a pretty big name for himself. Top 10% liked photographers in the world to be exact! Crazy! Well, Tac needed a model for a job and guess what, he called me! I was on a plane so fast you have no idea! A chance to work in HELLO!!! Yes a million times over! We needed a makeup artist and again because of networking I met Claire on my last film here in Texas. Claire could not pass up the opportunity so here we go! 5 Days in Cali!

I'm so excited to show you the final images soon! The website has been updated but I haven't posted everything on Instagram yet. I'm super excited to be home and first call I got was from my agency about a potential booking I have. AWESOME!!! Gotta stay working hard!

Have a great week guys and I hope you check out this blog tomorrow! Don't forget to message me on questions and things you might want to see on the actors Tips for Wednesday! Thanks guys!!

- Alisha

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